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Many believe that owning a Jaguar may be out of their means, but here at Jaguar Brampton our Financing department makes it more accessible than ever before. You have several options to choose from when it comes to either leasing or financing a Jaguar model, with multiple rates and terms to accompany them. Our Ottawa dealership gives you both the flexibility and the variety of terms to help you get to where you want to be: behind the wheel of a brand-new Jaguar.


For those looking for more variety and less commitment, leasing a Jaguar vehicle is the perfect option. Leasing a Jaguar gives you the freedom to switch your model for a newer version, or for a different vehicle entirely at the end of your leasing term, so you can explore the many different options our dealership has to offer. Our lease payments are low, you don't have to pay for depreciation costs, and your leased model will incur fewer maintenance costs when serviced at our dealership than if you owned it outright.


Owning a Jaguar model is an achievement in itself, and an achievement our Ottawa dealership can help you reach it in no time. Whether you're an infrequent driver, or you'll be putting a lot of kilometres on your new Jaguar, our financing department can help you choose a payment plan that works for you. Your periodic payments also go towards your credit and equity, while you'll gain the freedom of writing it off as an asset, or the ability to resell or trade-in your model. Plus, the fact that you get to take pride in saying you have full ownership of your Jaguar model makes it even sweeter.

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